//About Us
We are a Portuguese indie band based in Lisbon, creating music that could be described as
experimental-alternative-folk, but we prefer to call it "Musical-poetry".
At the moment the band has three elements, Pedro Fernandes, Tomás Almeida and Pedro Lima.
Tomás is responsible for everything musical while Pedro writes the lyrics and is the lead singer of the band. Pedro Lima, joining the group in 2019, is the graphic artist and creator of all things visual.
We released our first album, "A Life or When Airplanes Don't Sing", on January 26th, 2017.

The second album, "The Hum of a Slumbering Mind", was released on May the 3rd, 2019.
The Poet                                                                Pedro Fernandes
Tomás Almeida                                                         The Musician    
Photography by Pedro Lima