hello little lump
a world of spiders and toys
It happened again
I went
To a party
Of some interesting person
Hoping this time
I'd actually laugh
And smile
And have fun
Like I see in all those pictures
Of those amazing nights
I'll never have

Cause I can't
Cocooning in my mind
And national geographing
Everything I see

Like Tom, chest strong,
Alpha maling John,
While trying to creep
Into Susie's view
Who happens to be the matriarch
Of a rich on beauty
Of girls
That happen
To have no brain

Then there's Kate
The reason I'm here
I find her intriguing
But it might be misleading
So I barely talk to her
Not to break the spell
Of having a human
In this monkey hell...

I try to drink
But it makes me sleepy
And self conscious

I try to play the game
But it just makes me nauseous
And I want to go home

And stay alone
Just need a fine excuse to go...

Actually I don't
I don't care about these fuckers
They can keep their social games
And drunken seduction
I'm heading home...

The nights cool hair
Crashes through my face
While the remnants of rain
Dance with light's embrace

My footsteps turn measure
To the symphony of though

And I can't help not think of:

All the ways in which this life is silly
How I'm set to wonder freely
Through the sea of endless choice
To find the echo of my voice...

It's all quite amusing...
It's all quite insane...
To feel like the only
God chosen person
To feel its all vain...

Even though I'm certain
All must feel the same.
I guess they're just better
At playing the game...

But I'm finally home
My cat comes greet me
It's silent and calm
They're all sleeping

So I go to my room
And turn off the lights

And begin to think
And begin to smile

There's nothing quite
The purest of joy
Of knowing life
A meaningless toy...

cookie monster
a party
set upon a hill
a fine day
one toast
god of misery
softly dying
strawberry gardens
feel your dreams