hello little lump
a world of spiders and toys

I have turtles, they're green
I feed them sometimes
And the stairs to the attic
Seem thousands of miles
But they're always worth climbing
Cause they lead
To a world
Of spiders and toys and places to play with myself

Mama makes pancakes once in a while
And we go to the beach before the sun gets too high
And I always run naked for the shorts are too tight
And the old man on the on the beach always says: kid play by my side

I like the woods
I like sticks I like rocks
I like leaves and bugs and things I can catch
I once put a grasshopper and a hornet in a jar
The hornet killed the grasshopper
And made a ball of meat

We always have dinner without TV
And then my father spends some time with me
Until he gets tired
Then I go straight to bed
I always want to play instead,
I don't want to sleep...

cookie monster
a party
set upon a hill
a fine day
one toast
god of misery
softly dying
strawberry gardens
feel your dreams