hello little lump
a world of spiders and toys
Mom's gonna be mad
Dad as well
This time I'm sure
I'm going to Hell.

Why did I ate the last cookie
Mom said specifically that one was for dad
But he should be glad!
It could have made him fat or obese!
Or give him flatulence or guilty unease!
I don't know...

I'm probably screwed...

He never trusts good motives in anything I do...
He's gonna cut my balls...

He knows I've been giving flowers to mum

and thinking about her while...

Hey darling!

Mum, I have something to tell you
I know you might be mad for the news are slightly sad

but I'm a man now, so must tell the truth...
The cookie monster was here...

I tried to stop him but he had his friends
They were so many with so many demands
Give us the cookie, give it to now,
Spread them crumbles all around.
You better do it
Or we'll stain all the carpets!

I had to give them the cookie...

They ate it...
Cookie monster you say?
Where is he now?
I don't know,
He went that way!
I came from there, just now, no monster in sight.
He must be hidden!
A monster that size?
Well, he is quite flexible...
Cookies don't allow flexibility
But, well, he compliments his diet...
It's well known cookie monsters are allergic to anything but cookies,

that's why they eat cookies.
Ohh, makes sense...

I'm so sorry I lied!
I didn't mean to do it
It will never happen again.

I don't care that you ate it
We can make some more tonight

Don't lie
To me

Let's go and play in the park.

cookie monster
a party
set upon a hill
a fine day
one toast
god of misery
softly dying
strawberry gardens
feel your dreams