hello little lump


Had a dream I was a mountain
And the rain it fell on me
Just to make some pretty rivers
That would flow unto the sea
Had some trees and had some people
And their houses made of stone
That once were carved out of my very soul
And the valleys, they'd surround me
Just to see me grow so high
And the birds, they'd rest on me 
When tired to fly... 

Had a dream I was a painter
But my brush it painted not
It erased every color
That my feeble brain forgot
After years of painting nothing
There was no color left to see
So I said Hello to a grey eternity! 

Had a dream I was the music
Apollo played in winter nights
To cheer the endless gods
When they couldn't help but cry
Their tears told tales of no one
Taking the time to pray for them
And so they felt no more than sky bound men! 
And they'd beat each other senseless
Hoping luck would let them die
But they're Gods and Gods are bound to
hopeless tries.

a world of spiders and toys
cookie monster
a party
set upon a hill
a fine day
one toast
god of misery
softly dying
strawberry gardens
feel your dreams