hello little lump
a world of spiders and toys

There were times I didn't 
That all we do is 
To the unknown God of misery
That dwells and lurks inside a tree
With roots that cover all the world
And feed upon the tearful girl
Whose dad came home in a fit of anger
And shred her clothes and raped her pearl
But don't you cry my dear Nicole... 
No need to cry my dear Nicole... 
'Cause the unknown God of misery
That dwells and lurks inside a tree
Decided you should be the one
To lose your smile and bear his son... 
Doesn't that just look like fun? 

Cause it's time that you realised
That all you do is sacrifice
To the unknown God of misery
That preys and feeds on all you see! 
With claws that cling unto your soul
And  squeeze it tight to make you old... 
But not too fast, he needs to feed
His endless crave for grinding teeth 
For salty water on a clinched fist, 
Carved regrets of kisses missed, 
But let this ancient tale unfold! 
Don't dare to do a thing Nicole! 
It would be a little rude
To leave a God without his food

Don't you cry... 
Don't you cry... 

cookie monster
a party
set upon a hill
a fine day
one toast
god of misery
softly dying
strawberry gardens
feel your dreams