hello little lump
a world of spiders and toys
I have a lightless mistress:
A shadow to my life;
She’s a blind and drunken painter
With a beautiful smile.

Tears laughing down her face
Playing harp with the strings
Bounding every human
To the tips of her fingers.

I call her Lady Fortune
Others fate or destiny
She’s named a lot of things
But all are things we cannot see.

Still I question you,
Lady Fortune
Do you have something in mind with this torture?
Or is it just a simple game to see who first goes insane?
Are Gods above just betting on us all?

Am I a pleasant puppet, Lady Fortune?
Tell me now, tell me true, Lady Fortune!
Tell me now, tell me true, Lady Fortune!

Dead birds sing
As I whisper your name
To the big gatekeeper
That goes by name of Jane.

He opens the gate
And throws me a smile
Rejoicing in knowing
I’ll be dead in a while.

A broad still river laid in front of the door
Where stood a half man creature I'd never seen before.

He had a small old boat and looked quite insane
I told him my name
He said they all sound the same
I asked: How can that be?
They sound quite different to me!
He said: Names are just Ego slowly farting, you see.

Well, it made quite some sense so I went straight to the business
And asked: Do you know where I can find Maggie, my princess?
He groaned and said: I suppose she is dead.
And I told him all about it until he said: I don’t care
And whispered: Your lady baby is in the land of the dead.
It’s in the other side of the river, but don’t you be sad!

I have a boat, the only boat, and if you give me a coin
I’ll take you right to her.
What you say, lover boy?

Weird old man thing, you must understand
I have no fucking money but I’ll do all I can
I’ll pleasure you, I’ll treasure you, I’ll polish your boat
I’ll sing and cry poems ‘till I bleed all my throat!

He laughed, told me to look in my pocket
And there I found a coin in a small leather socket
He said: Boy, that is your soul!

That little shinny nugget your metaphysical whole.
So listen, you give me that and I’ll take you to her
But you should really consider, my dear Ol’ Sir.

For once I get your soul, I won’t give it back
And you’ll stay down here with eons to stack.

I smiled,-- and gave him the coin.
I have no use for a soul if my Maggie I can’t join
So, lets get on going for I’m quite in a hurry
Eons don’t seem much next to her, I’m sorry.

He took the coin, slowly examined it
And after a while he painfully exhaled: Shit,
This coin isn’t stamped.

You still owe time, why the hell were you sent?
I bet it’s Bob’s fault, he always messes up
I told him a million times half dead ain’t enough...

Oh well, dear boy, you have to return...

He raised two paddles and struck me with one.

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