hello little lump
a world of spiders and toys
I’ve got a maggot in my bed...

I’m gonna call her Margaret
And bring her to reason
For she can’t really stay here, No!

Montain climbing my sheets,
Judging the bones in my body,
Barely Bending…

Oh Margaret, Margaret,
Get out of my bed!
Go rule the kingdom of Britain instead!
‘Cause I’ve got things to do,
People to see,
And I can’t do all that with you looking at me!

Oh Margaret, please,
You have to go…
Don’t you understand the nurse’s about to show
And I can’t stay like this
I just peed myself
All thanks to the fat nurse that never comes when I yell!

Oh Margaret
Hospital life is a bitch
I never really thought one day I’d come to this...

Margaret, Margaret

Not sure if food is tasteless
Or if my taste buds are dead!

I barely can distinguish between salmon and bread!

I wanna go home
I don’t care if I die
Just want my lil’wife and her delicious pie
For one

Oh Margaret Margaret
You’re not that bad
A jolly company for when I am sad
You don’t complain
Don’t care if I pee
And don’t force a smile while looking at me.

Besides, my wife is dead
She can bake me no pie
I know you’re quite small but you could give it a try!
And maybe tell me stories
So I sleep well at night
Sometimes it is scary when my mind is too bright!

Oh Margaret, wait!
You cannot go!
I’m so afraid of being alone!
You must surely notice
That there’s a spark between us
We can’t simply deny the desires of Venus!

Oh Margaret, Margaret
You’re driving me mad
Won’t you please just take me to wed
I’ll be your señorito
You’ll be my bride
I hear violins and you are dressed in white!

cookie monster
a party
set upon a hill
a fine day
one toast
god of misery
softly dying
strawberry gardens
feel your dreams